There are no greater quality than honesty and objectiveness in life , because they lead to the grandfather of them both Integrity. That being said I go through this post with a thorough comprehension of what triggers genuine virtue to happen and what is at the heart of all scandals. The core of each scandal is the result of subjective God-playing judgments and dishonesty about what’s really happening. Integrity is the foundation of any real world reality. Without it, however you choose to define it the truth isjust an empty fantasy, tangled with lies.

Recently, I was looking at the histories of old Watergate scandals and figures in the presidency of United States President Richard Milhous Nixon and I was I was Hochzeit thinking about a TV show I saw that had actress Reese Witherspoon starring in it called “Little Fires Everywhere”and I was contemplating this fact: It is one thing to look like that you’re honest and to act like you have it. However, to actually possess it is the genuinely hardest thing in the universe since it requires gut wrenching honesty and objectiveness to create the integrity that creates the “fantasy act” look very attractive to people who do not have integrity, honesty or the ability to be objective.

Transparency starts with real-world reality from the top to the bottom. There are no exceptions. Some people think it is possible to find exceptions and that is where the real issue begins, or “the little white lie” about reality which turns into tiny flames across the world that burn down the complete fantasy.

When things get complicated, the simple and workable solutions are the most effective. The complicated Rube Goldberg cartoon steps come genuinely from dailymedia avoidance of reality anyway, really. You can think about that for a while.

Once I saw a television show where a person tried to cover up the murder by taking fingerprints and cleaning them up with a relentless manner by the very authorities that he wanted to avoid and got caught “accidentally” which brings me to a conclusion: Clean up your lies with untraceable white gloves, and even when you aren’t immediately arrested, the sappy, guilty, unclean mind that did it remains there, saying “it is there, it is your sore thumb, and there is not nay cure except for the truth for starters.”

The perfect crime and the perfect virtue are บาคาร่า alike: Transparency, not hiding things, and acting in the real world aren’t they? I’d say that way. Since honesty and transparency are the top level of morality when you make a right choice and if you’re wrong, you’ll be able to do the same only you still did wrong. Or to quote The Band in their”Calendonia Mission” song “Calendonia Mission”, “old dark Arkansas” to metaphorically show the reality that honesty and truth can’t be escaped. Maybe delayed, but certainly not completely escaped.

I am Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer living in Inglewood, California. I also write under various pen names and aliases, however Joshua Clayton is my real name and I write by that for the most part. I am a philosophical writer and a logical thinker, and an honest, active taker. I also work in an elderly centre which is located in Gardena, California as my day job, in addition to other things, however, primarily I write.

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