Everyone turns somewhere when we’re in a crisis, especially when we had it too easy for too long and get it hard in life following the easy too lightly. My argument is that heaven is how appreciative we are of the good times when they happen, hell is how much we hate paying when the bad times follow the mishandling from the great times come around. Deliverance comes when we end the cycle of bad and good and understand it all. Sure, I could fool you by saying “do not worry be happy” like a fantastically mystical ‘all-encompassing poker game faced guru with a gorgeous smile’ and lie to you that everything will be perfect without effort or work. All you have to do is believe without putting in time effort, planning, visualization working and similar. The real thing is earningmoney, baby, making money for yourself. And hell is burning for you, baby, after getting conned by those who claim there isn’t any effortinvolved, and all you need to do is believe without any effort.

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That makes me think about the British Royal Family and their ivory towers gilded in gold and glass house luxury. Actually, I see heaven in terms of a self-made self-controlled ghetto for earning money in the world, and hell as a palace of gold with no real human satisfaction that is just a show and tell to get you in there with “how great it will be” but it never delivers what you want since you must earn the amount you desire, which is heaven should you get it perfectly however, remember that it promises to be perfect, but doesn’t deliver on its promises this is the thing that makes it so miserable.

To be able to get what you want, you must plan and plan carefully, earn and earn well and then get what you would like. This isn’t a guaranteed or simple task. You don’t want to move effortlessly down, you want to move upwards with a solid foundation, earning and getting from servitude. In fact the devil’s real fault is being ruled fearfully and not being ruled with courage. God is in not drifting anyhow and having a genuinely positive consciousness realistically. The ability to stay out of crisis is essential, but giving in to the pressure of crisis is always a mistake anyway. Sure I have a view of hell and heaven that resembles poetry of blind John Milton. Is that not where the reality of everything begins and ends in the great universal mind, spirit and body of the good? The good of life, existence performing something, and living your life the way you wish and desire to live your life, without irrationally being under the influence of the public in which you, or anyone else can genuinely and rationally do whatever they like?

I am Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer located within Inglewood, California. I have also written under various pen-names , aliases and pen-names, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write under that name in the majority of my writing. I am a philosophical writer and a rational thinker as well as an honest in my actions. I also work in an elderly centre located in Gardena, California as my day job, in addition to many other things. However, most importantly I write.

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