Bathroom vanities have a distinct design style that reflects your individuality and style in the bathroom decor. Don’t let the bathroom vanity design bland and lack luster. It’s the perfect location to let all your bathroom ideas to flow and show your creative flair. The best place to start an idea is to start with your vanity cabinet as well as other bathroom cabinets. This allows you to define a design and style that can be bolstered by fittings, counter surfaces bathrooms, fixtures for the bathroom and accessories for bathing. Perhaps you’re searching for a simple country-style bathroom vanity, which could maybe begin by putting pine wood cabinets on top with some light staining or an elegant distressed paint finish. A white painted beadboard bathroom vanity set will create that country-style bathroom.

A traditional bathroom would be more slightly formal in its appearance. The vanity cabinet might want to choose a rich medium or maybe a beautiful dark toned style of wood, complemented by brass hardware, with a few exquisite bathroom fixtures, like with raised panels, applied molding or maybe some rope trim. A modern and creative bathroom vanity would be simple and clean-lined vanity cabinets completed with laminate, lighter toned wood such as birch , or perhaps hash wood that is complemented by a small amount of cabinetry hardware. For bathrooms with a vintage design like the Victorian bathroom Bathroom Vanities using dark and ornamental wood carved designs is one method you could create the cabinet. It is possible to opt for the Victorian model that’s more light in which case you can have white painted cabinets with a marble top sank into, and a few basic bathroom hardware.

Cabinet construction for bathroom vanity

Today, with the advent of vanity cabinet manufacturing and all styles of home-improvement products Sometimes, the cheapest and discount vanity cabinets may not be the best choice. Therefore, make sure to protect yourself from poor vanity quality. Through a quick check of a few points it will be easier to locate a high-quality piece of bathroom furniture. You should first check the drawers to ensure they close smoothly and open without a hitch. If they don’t , and you see that they are secured with staples, nails and glue that could indicate poor quality. Check the interiors to see that they’ve been finished, including back surfaces. If you have shelves within the vanity cabinet, ensure that they are adjustable. Also a good sign of quality is Bathroom Vanity that shelves have a thickness of 5/8″ thick or more to avoid bowing. A high-quality top-quality vanity cabinets made of fine wood or solid plywood with doors that are solid wood will be secured from the wear and tear from the moisture in the bathroom. On the other side particleboard or any other laminate over particleboard will be unable to stand up to moisture and can rapidly break down, peel, or even cup. When you select high-quality wood and bath cabinet hardware you will be able to have a stunning vanity cabinet that will last for a for a very lengthy time when it comes to your bathroom design.

Bathroom vanity cabinet finishes

The modern-day finishes for your bathroom vanity and other bathroom furniture, richness in style is the hottest fashion, and plain and dull is out according to the interior designers, as well as the other designers of bathrooms. The modern-day bathroom design is a place where people want comfort in their bathroom both physically and visually. Jacuzzi baths and showers are a treat for our bodies, but there is a need for more. That’s why your contemporary bathroom vanity can usually delight you and give you stunning ambience. The desire for more depth along with beautiful visual comfort has restored wood furniture for bathroom vanity, specifically the warm mellow woods like mahogany, cherry and maple. Glazed finishes are also growing in popularity with two methods: One is to apply a clear coating to the natural wood to enhance its character and depth The other option is to create an antique patina on other pieces that will give you a beautiful and warm bathroom vanity. Modern designs are beginning to draw attention to the soft, rich color. If you’re using a stark white bathroom, it’s time to choose warmer whites that have painted finishes or laminates with a more off-white to make the bathroom not too striking. You can choose very light hues of yellows and a touch of biscuit, or subtle pastels. Every detail is personal that is why the best thing solution is to get yourself seated and begin writing your own vanity plans on colours and bathroom themes that are appealing to you. Search some informational websites as well as a home improvement store for new ideas. In the end you will be rewarded with a stunning and innovative bathroom decor.


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