The days when the only predicaments plaguing the minds of students were a hefty course load and working all night. Even if you have good grades, it’s not enough to guarantee an easy admissions process. In fact, percentages and grades flag off a whole lot of other problems, with one of them being the controversial matter of having a room over one’s head , and four walls surrounding oneself. This becomes an even greater concern when one factors in the facts and figures. A survey conducted by India of the 20 top universities in terms of enrollments found that 5 million students are on the verge of attending Technology university. From this group, merely 63 percent ( 46% local students and 17% who avail of accommodation in institutions) are able to have their housing requirements met. A majority of students from outstation remain in dire need of accommodation. They rely mainly on rental flats and PGs. In the midst of all this there’s no surprise that India’s St Louis Wedding Venue GER is just 18%, compared to the much higher 26% global level.

It’d be safe to surmise that this is an extensive market, whose needs is not being met and less due to the inefficient and opaque institution-wide accommodation allocation. The alternative provided by unregulated rental marketthat is characterized by subpar service, massive exploitation, and scattered information- provides a large potential for radical transformation through a highly digitised mechanism within this industry.

StudentAcco is the first in India to offer completely student-only lodging portal. It brings together all the PGs in Delhi NCR and also the rental flats that are available there. This facilitates a swift, transparent, and informed transaction. It’s a brand new online aggregator that suncity proffers impressively over 25,000 accommodation options that vary across a plethora of sizes and needs.


StudentAcco can be described as acting as an online counterpart to an extremely reliable, technologically driven and a wide-ranging broker that takes care of identifying suitable properties as well as negotiations with property owners and obtaining verifiable information about the said properties. By doing this it creates an online platform for service delivery that fosters rise in standards for student accommodation in the market.

Customers, i.e. the customers must browse, select and shortlist. the students. StudentAcco is so large in its range of properties that it is able to meet the needs of students. It doesn’t leave students with a mess after the initial steps. You’ll get all the assistance you require for moving outs and ins, paperwork, and maintenance.


StudentAcco troubleshoots a host of issues. It addresses stem cell therapy the acute shortage of housing for students and the unjust bias towards providing accommodations to the younger community. The risk of money being lost to volte-face middlemen is diminished by an integrated platform. Immaculate certification of properties satisfies the security-related concerns of parents. StudentAcco chaperones offer support 24×7 and enhance the satisfaction of parents.

This unique unification platform makes use of an extremely strong supplier alliance and advanced technology to overcome the tiniest physical ground connect. Hyper-local concentration leads to greater quality of property and services. There are no brokerage costs and the easy-to-pay student accommodation listings erase all financial barriers. These all show that Studentacco has its finger on the pulse of Gen Y students and providing them with what they need and what they want.

BENEFITS Are one-to-all

It’s a big mistake to assert that the benefits of StudentAcco are unidimensional. The benefits go beyond the students’ community.

This model of market is highly innovative, as it lets property owners have better occupancy than ever. This translates into higher rental rates of between 20 and 30 percent. It takes over most of the burdening work for them for example, tenant verification, rent collection and all the legal paperwork. Being a part of a well-organized team increases your authority and allows you to utilise more advanced infrastructure and technology.

Investors, too, will benefit tremendously on the revenue stream generated by rental commissions and tapping into a niche market in the organised sector, which will be supported by brand differentiation that is a fervent force and a robust marketing.


StudentAcco has no competition in the US after making the leap from a student housing facility into an aggregator that lists accommodations. Since it is the sole one in the market, it is able to ensure a complete inspection. This gives it an advantage over other ventures in the international market.

The site offers a range of genuine representations of the world which provide a virtual tour to the to-be inhabitants. These pictures, unlike other trustworthy sources, are crystal clear free of over-exaggeration or eye-washing. This is why cachet is so beneficial to those who don’t take private tours. On the site, visitors can evaluate different accommodations and even reach out to owners for clarification of any questions. StudentAcco can help with any questions students might ask and ensure that the principle of “caveat emptor” is adhered to.

Studentacco also provides comprehensive descriptions of the area as well as information about utilities as well as assistance with domestic issues and disputes with landlords.


At the heart of its many bells and whistles is StudentAcco’s real desire to shelter the student community. And to house them well. It strives to answer all housing-related questions with a click of a finger. Its claim of knowing its target market both inside and outside is backed by its modern facilities such as WiFi services, durable but stylish furnishings and verified flat-mates. This is, naturally along with the most essential features like food and safety.

When you transition into adulthood uncertainties and apprehensions are par for the course. But housing does not have to be a subject to this scrutiny. It shouldn’t derail otherwise flawless college plans. As a student”messiah,” StudentAcco will surely move forward, helped by its ability to come up with innovative solutions, its stable financial side and the desire to keep improving.

There are many houses. Students will need these houses. Studentacco is the metaphorical highway, which makes the travel between the two far less stressful and much more simple.

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